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Dr. Alexandar Olaru, Romania
Dr. Elisa Tiu, Philippines
Dr. Azjargal Batdorj, Mongolia
Dr. Mohammed Bukar, Nigeria

Dr. Vinodhini Bhaskaran, Malaysia
Dr. Rhodora, Philippines
Dr. Anjana, Australia
Dr. Aarti Deenadayal, Hyderabad

Dr. Asha Jain, India
Dr. Chinwe, Nigeria
Dr. Emily, Nigeria
Dr. Jayabharathi, India

Dr. Kathlynn, Phillipines
Dr. Jharna Das, Bangladesh
Dr. Senthil, India
Dr. Soumita, India

Dr. Ashwini, India
Dr. Gitanjali, India
Dr. Mrinalini, India

The endometrium appears trilaminar on transabdominal scan and echogenic on transvaginal scan – which one’s right?’ ‘Is this uterus didelphys or complete bicornuate bicollis?’ ‘The ovary is not seen: is it obscured by bowel gas or can I somehow improve the visualization?’ The 6-month certification course in ‘Ultrasound in Gynecology’ provided answers to these questions and many more. For close to a decade, I have been on the lookout for such a course. In India, ultrasound training in OBGYN seems to focus only on fetal medicine as evidenced by the myriad obstetric ultrasound courses on offer. So, when this course was launched, I immediately jumped at the opportunity and was not disappointed.
It is a comprehensive, well-structured program with the right mix of theoretical perspective and clinical case scenarios. One does not have to endure boring didactic lectures and that is a huge plus. The ‘tips and tricks’ offered by the faculty are invaluable and have certainly helped me hone my ultrasound skills. This course has been an eye-opener: decidualized endometriotic cysts, hyperplastic endometrium on progestin therapy, deep infiltrating endometriosis, gel sonography, to name a few.
Dr Mala’s methodical diagnostic approach, follow-up of patients including the operative findings and histopathologic correlation, is an inspiration to all her students. I marvel at her dedication and passion for teaching. The importance of standard terminology and meticulous reporting has also been emphasized. Dr Sonal’s lectures on ultrasound techniques and infertility were concise and simplified these complex topics. A special note of thanks to the support staff especially Ms Sonya for her prompt assistance and the technical team for uninterrupted streaming.
The whole learning experience was enriching and enjoyable, and I would recommend this course to all those who wish to excel in pelvic ultrasonography. It is certainly time well-spent.
Kudos to Dr Mala Sibal, Dr Sonal Panchal and the entire team at Gynecology Academy! Best wishes for a bright future!

Dr Sirisha, India

Hello all, I am Dr Anupama Hudge, gynaecologist, practicing in Chakur, Dist. Latur in Maharashtra.
In general, we gynaecologist are little bit hesitant in doing gynaec ultrasound. As women approach menopause, they have more menstrual complaints or postmenopausal symptoms and want to check whether all is well. So, I decided to join the Gynac USG course in Gynac Academy. Believe me, day by day, it has created a lot of interest and I have gained confidence while doing Gynac USG.
Dr Mala Madam teaches so well that while seeing the video clips, I always wonder, how the findings of Madam are superior to CT and MRI findings. She teaches in a such a way that we can see her reaching each tissue plane. So, we also get used to seeing each and every detail while doing scans. Same with Dr Sonal Panchal Madam. Her way of explaining complicated topic in a simplified way creates lot of interest in infertility.
Alumni webinars are academic feasts for us. Self-assessments at the end of session are helpful and if we cannot get the answer, the faculty take care of our queries. Dr Mala Madam always helps us in our queries on the Telegram group too.
It's worth joining the Gyn ultrasound course. It is a great learning experience from the Masters who also become your Idols and inspiration in your practice.
Thank you.

Dr Anupama Hudge, India

I deem it a great pleasure that I was part of this course. I consider that over the duration of the course I have gained a lot of knowledge, more precisely a knowledge that will help me in my clinical practice. At the end of the course each concept has been rooted deep and has given the confidence to handle any case that might approach in the future.
My sincere thanks to Dr. Mala for not only being an amazing teacher but also an incomparable facilitator. Dr. Mala's passion towards the subject is so evident that by the end of the course she ultimately transmits the same to us. The repetition of the key points over and over again has nailed the concept deep in us. Hope to carry forward her legacy and passion to our level best. Dr. Sonal has given us a deep insight of various nuances in the course which we never knew even existed.
On the whole opportunities knock the door, but golden opportunities knock the door rarely like a golden egg. Hands down I accept this has been a golden opportunity in my career.

Dr Mathangi, India

The 6-month online training program was a well-structured program. I am extremely grateful to Dr Mala maam and Dr Sonal for putting all their efforts to make this training highly interactive and interesting.
The course was relevant and delivered in a great and engaging way. The first of its kind that I have come across. The main thing is that all Gynaec. topics were covered systematically.
Thanks to your team.

Dr Vijaya Bharathi, India

I had a very enlightening experience during the course of GYNAEC ULTRASOUND conducted by Dr. Mala Sibal and Dr. Sonal Panchal. The topics were discussed threadbare and in specific terms allowing us to have a 360-degree view of the matter involved. The description accompanying the presentation were crisp and highly illustrative. The course will definitely give a ringside view of the recent advances in this ignored but highly important field. This enriching encounter would boost the confidence of the trainee and improve the quality of the Gynaecological ultrasound assessment and reporting by acting as a role model training programme. The self-assessment test after each lecture was a real test of knowledge acquisition. The post training examination was conducted very smoothly and with the highest standard of evaluation.

Dr Dharani Bai G., India

My hearty congratulations and sincere thanks to Dr Mala Sibal and Dr Sonal Panchal and the entire team for having conducted this extremely useful and relevant course on gynaecological ultrasound. As a practising gynaecologist doing scans, I found this course extremely helpful to refine my skills, improve my confidence and diagnostic accuracy. All of us encounter reports that are inadequate and wish we had more information that will help us make correct management decisions, particularly when surgery is necessary. This course takes us through a clear, protocol based approach that is complete and helps in decision making.
I found the content up to date and evidence based. The meticulous approach and detailing are the unique features. The commentaries were well synced and cohesive. The infertility lectures by Dr Sonal Panchal and those by Dr Mala were exhaustive and thorough. The quality of images, videos and the problem-free technological support were state of the art.
I would strongly recommend this course to my gynaecological colleagues who are doing scans but want a hands-on training. This online course teaches a skill that is normally taught by direct supervision by the side of the patient, thanks to the painstaking efforts by Dr Mala and Dr Sonal. I would also like to say a special thanks to the supporting members of the team for their prompt responses to our queries.

Dr Shobana Mahadevan, India

This course gave me very good, basic and advanced knowledge about Gynac Ultrasound and how to approach a case and give an excellent report. Initially I was doing Gynac Ultrasound as a screening modality for referring patients to the radiology department for getting a diagnosis, but the course changed the perception from screening to making a diagnosis by myself, as a result of excellent motivation and inspiration achieved by the course.

Dr Indu B.R, India

I am very happy to have joined the Gynaecology Academy Certification Course and will recommend my colleagues to take up this course. It is a comprehensive, well-structured program with the right mix of theoretical perspective and clinical case scenarios. One does not have to endure boring didactic lectures and that is a huge plus. The ‘tips and tricks’ offered by the faculty are invaluable and have certainly helped me hone my ultrasound skills. This course has been an eye-opener: decidualized endometriotic cysts, hyperplastic endometrium on progestin therapy, deep infiltrating endometriosis, gel sonography, to name a few.
This is such an eye opener in the gynaec. ultrasound and very helpful in treating our patients. Dr Mala mam your dedication towards ultrasound is enormous and your talks are so meticulously done. This is definitely a great guide for gynaec. ultrasound.
I thank the whole team behind this certification course. I am very happy to have joined the Gynaecology Academy Certification Course and will recommend my colleagues to take up this course.

Dr Amritha Karthik, India

Gynaec ultrasound has always been my passion and my only area of interest. When I started my journey, I was of the notion that it is very easy and limited. Over the years, with the innovative sonography machines and increasing demands of its applications to diagnose almost all gynaecological entities, it became mandatory for me to get the required expertise. However, there was not much training available then. The comprehensive Gynaec ultrasound course of Dr. Mala has come in as a blessing to me. Being an online course has given me the freedom to train myself along with my work. The modules in the course are covering the entirety of Gynaec ultrasound. They are very elaborate, pictorial and real time videos, leaving a lasting impact. The talks are very specific and based on latest guidelines. The teamwork of Dr. Mala and Dr. Sonal has multiplied the effectiveness of the entire course. This course has enhanced my understanding of Gynaec ultrasound and improved my diagnosis and reporting strategies. Words cannot completely express the experience of going through this training course. Such an awesome program must be recognized by the medical council of our country!!

Dr Hema Desai, India

I thank immensely from the bottom of my heart, the great doctors, Dr. Mala Sibal and Dr. Sonal Panchal.
Why this much of thanksgiving and adulation?
Some great people spend their time (that’s nothing but money) to share their knowledge for the well-being of mankind. Dr. Mala and Dr. Sonal also belong to this group. Medicine is vast and expanding. Add to it technology, it becomes exemplary. Imaging Science has brought about a revolution to medical knowledge and diagnosis, especially ultrasound. Any shortcomings in ultrasound for diagnosis of pelvic problems? I don’t think so especially after going through these sessions in the past 4 to 6 months.
The use of Doppler which is available in most of the machines is a boon. Three-dimensional view further enhances the approach towards getting a proper result of a scan. How true it is to say that ultrasound is more than 80% helpful in diagnosing and confirming pelvic problems; making itself a rival to MRI.
In the past six months, all the more, I learnt that ultrasound is an awesome armamentarium for doctors dealing with pelvic problems.
Hoping that more and more Gynaecologists, Radiologists and Sonologists would pursue this course and help their women patients, who are the backbone of their profession.

Dr Nirmala, India

It is my privilege to write a review for this course. This 6-month online course is a well-structured course where all the topics have been covered systematically and in great depth. The lectures have been beautifully prepared providing each and every bit of information. The quality of the video is so good that it appears you are watching madam doing live scans. The addition of clinical case scenario has made the course immensely useful.
During the course, I started using the probe to see and touch lesions, and to make decisions based on my findings. Being a gynac surgeon, this has helped me a lot. Now I can correlate my ultrasound findings with my findings at surgery.
I must thank Mala madam and Sonal madam who have taken pains to create such a useful course. Hats off to them.
I strongly recommend this course to all my gynac colleagues because this will help them in their practice.

Dr Pradip Goel, India

I found this course to be educative, informative and practical. It will surely guide both clinicians and practicing sonologists in their practice of evidence-based gynaecology. A lot of painstaking effort and dedication has been put into the modules. A very commendable course.

Dr Aparna, India

I enjoyed each and every session of the teaching modules. Dr. Mala mam and Dr. Sonal mam’s way of delivering their lectures is fabulous. It is really useful to every Gynaecologist. Every time whatever doubt I had was answered without any hesitation and in very friendly manner. Sonyaji helped and took responsibility.
There are no words mam, to thank you enough. After going through this course, I have gained confidence in doing scans.
I told to my district doctors to join this course as I found it very useful.

Dr B. Usha Naveen, India

I, Dr Manjula, working as a senior consultant at Fernandez Hospital, Hyderabad, joined the Ultrasound Scan Online course, second batch, organised & conducted by Dr. Mala Sibal and Dr. Sonal Panchal and I have attended the Examination held on 20th January 2019.
I do pelvic scans in our hospital and I have been doing since some years. But after joining the course of Dr. Mala Sibal and Dr. Sonal Panchal and hearing the lectures given by them, with minute details, covering all the topics in Gynaecology Ultra Sound, especially the IOTA, IETA & MUSA guidelines, I really felt that I have taken a correct decision of joining the course. Each topic is dealt in detail and everything is supported by scan images and videos. Basics of ultrasound were also dealt with in depth. I recommend this course to everyone and no such course is available in our country.
After attending this course our confidence will build up, ability to diagnose pelvic pathology increases and reporting of the pelvic lesion will improve.
Once again, I strongly recommend everyone to join the course, learn as much as possible and implement it.
I congratulate Dr Mala Sibal and Dr. Sonal Panchal for dedicating their time in bringing this course to the doctors who have passion to learn pelvic scans. Finally, I conclude with one last word saying Dr. Mala Sibal’s book on Gynecologic Ultrasound scan is excellent and I recommend this book to everyone in which each chapter is dealt in utmost detail compared to any other book on Gynaecologic scans.
May God shower his blessings on Dr. Mala Sibal & Dr. Sonal Panchal and may they conduct many more courses & lectures and may their knowledge, be passed on to each and every one.
Wishing them all the best.

Dr Manjula P, India

Thanks to Dr. Mala madam’s lectures that are elaborative with clarity on basic concepts, after attending this course and workshop, I am well-versed with ultrasound characteristics of various Gynaecological disorders and confident in differentiating one from the other. Dr. Mala madam’s and Dr. Sonal madam’s excellent lectures on adnexal masses helped me learn how to diagnose benign and malignant tumors. This course not only helped me to learn basic Gynaecological ultrasound but also created interest in learning radiology further. I strongly recommend all young Gynaecologists to attend the course to improve their ultrasound skills in Gynecology.

Dr Haritha Samadhi, India

I work in a rural area, patients, many of them being farmers, are not able to afford CT & MRI. Now I can use my sonography machine with a new perspective that will help in precise diagnosis & hence appropriate treatment also.
Thanks to Dr. Mala & Dr. Sonal for their contribution to gynecology. I feel this course should be introduced to all ob-gyn residents.
Thanks to Sonya also for her co-operation. The web design and support used for this course was excellent. Once again, I thank the Gynecology Academy & it's entire team.

Dr Shamita Birmole, India

Six months of this intense brain storming left me elated. I am elated because I have learnt so much of important information. For me, a practicing Gynecologist & Infertility Specialist, scanning patients, is the key to my treatment. This course taught me to question what I was viewing and made me probe for all relevant information to fill in the pieces of the puzzle, that each patient is to me.
Even though I will never be called Sonologist per se, this much I know that this knowledge will definitely define my profile as an Infertility Specialist. For this I am ever grateful to you Dr Mala Sibal.
Stay blessed always.

Dr Mrunalini Sharma, Bangladesh

An opportunity to enhance knowledge and ability to provide accurate information in my reports, was what I gained through this intense course. I feel, I was more superficial in my scanning before the course but now after this eye opener & highly informative session, I have learnt to interpret & get complete information, and am not likely to miss something important.
Thanks to Dr. Mala Sibal and Dr. Sonal Panchal for their tremendous favour in helping me acquire expertise and confidence in my day to day practice. A special note of thanks to support staff, Ms Sonya for her unwavering assistance. Last but not the least, I will definitely recommend this exceptional course to my colleagues.

Dr Golam Samdani, Bangladesh

This course was really an enlightening experience for me. All the lectures are clear, highlighting the relevant points. It provides practical and simple knowledge for unlocking the puzzle, to demonstrate the clinical diagnosis. This course enhances ultrasound skills and gives better perspective for effective planning of case management. Dr. Mala’s imaging style, her passion and dedication are always an inspiration.
Shri Gurubhyo namaha.

Dr Usha.V, India

It was really great learning experience. On having to give the exam, we were forced to push ourselves to absorb and retain the knowledge learnt.
Thank you so much for starting this learning module. Wish everyone could get benefited by this course.

Dr Archana Gaddamedi, India

The 6-month online training program of GYN ultrasound is a comprehensive course. Each session contains a very excellent combination of theoretical classifications, useful practical points and case presentations.
Clinical-pathological correlations, wonderful 2D and 3D images and short clips, along with presenting cases using new guidelines (IOTA, MUSA and IETA) make the topics very interesting and enjoyable.
The idea of online teaching of medical modules was very ingenious and commendable. I congratulate Dr. Mala for her new way of teaching.
The course was very helpful and motivating and has helped me improve my skills and my confidence in practice and reporting of the pelvic pathologies.
I strongly recommend my colleagues to join the course.
Special thanks to Dr. Mala and Dr. Sonal for their effort to make the course attractive. Thanks to Sonya and GYN academy team for their efforts and cooperation. Best wishes to all of them.

Dr Fatemeh Hosseini, Iran

I organized the IOTA course in Raipur and that was my first exposure to Dr Mala Sibal. Her clarity and mathematical precision immediately drew my attention to her as a teacher. I was a very casual practitioner of sonography, just doing follicular scans, if the sonologist did not turn up early. Her course gave my eyes a new vision. It was as if my eyes could now see within the pelvis, and the pelvic organs were giving up their secrets. This has helped me diagnose better, and give better treatment to the women I treat. Also, treatment becomes more evidence based.
Right from probe orientation to 3D Doppler, I owe all I know to this course. And I am learning each day. Every little intricacy that will help in diagnosis is revealed in the lectures. I did not know before that an ultrasound can answer so many questions. I would recommend this course to anyone who is even halfway interested in improving their diagnosis and quality of treatment. Dr Mala and Dr Sonal are just too good as teachers. Thank you with all my heart.

Dr Asha Jain, India

I recently completed my online 6-month gynae USG certification course from your academy and also attended the workshop last weekend. This is my feedback of your course and workshop -
This is by far one of the best courses I have attended. The course modules were very comprehensive, easy to understand and were very practical or clinically oriented, which was very helpful for practising OBGYN consultants like me. It has helped me in establishing my clinical diagnosis with confidence and yes, it was absolutely exciting to correlate my scan findings with intra-op findings. Kudos to Dr. Mala for making the learning experiences a memorable and joyful one! Her eye for details, enthusiasm and her talent for teaching complicated things, in a simple, easy to understand manner amazes me! It would definitely not be an exaggeration to say that this course has actually enhanced my clinical practice. I would highly recommend this course for any aspiring OBGYN looking forward to fine tune their diagnostic skills. Please accept my sincere heartfelt thanks. Looking forward to learning more from your academy.

Dr Vinodhini Bhaskaran, Malaysia

I am very thankful to Dr Mala and Dr Sonal for designing this course so well. All the lectures are excellent and really show how much effort and dedication has been put. This course has actually opened my eyes to a new world. Now I am doing my scans more confidently.

Dr Ruchika Mangla, India

I am Dr Shweta Nagar, a practicing radiologist in Indore. gynac .org offered this refresher course for updated gynaecological usg scanning, along with spectrum of normal technical aspects and abnormalities. It is a very systematic approach towards gynecological evaluation. Mala Sibal mam ...hats off to you.
Your dedication and zeal towards sharing your knowledge through this meticulously framed course is extremely useful and has even helped radiologists like me to go for a step wise and systematic approach in gynecological scanning...... and newer skills like Gel vaginosonography is extremely simple and useful technique to assess various vaginal lesions.
I would recommend this training course to one and all who are keen on gynaecological scanning. It is like hands on training on every aspect of gynecological ultrasound with all the image submissions which will make you a meticulous sonologist.
Worth investing for getting updated with latest in gynecological ultrasound (following ISUOG guidelines).

Dr Shweta Nagar, India

My name is Dr Anjana Thottungal. I work as a consultant in Obstetrics & Gynecology Ultrasound in Perth, Western Australia. I successfully completed gynecology ultrasound course in December 2019.
I feel very privileged to have done this course organised by Dr Mala Sibal and Dr Sonal Panchal. I found the course very comprehensive with well organised modules covering all the possible topics in Gynaecology Ultrasound. Dr Mala Sibal’s textbook, in Gynecology Ultrasound was a great companion during my course work. I continue to refer to this book in my day to day practice.
I was particularly motivated by Dr Sibal’s dedication to her work. She is highly committed to teaching and promoting highest quality of Gynecology imaging. I found her to be very approachable and helpful, in spite of her busy schedules.
The administration team is very helpful and well organised. I would like to thank Sonya, from the admin team who has been very helpful right from the start of the course.
I highly recommend this course to Sonographers, Sonologist and Gynaecologist, with an interest in Gynaecological Imaging.

Dr Anjana Thottungal, Australia

Being an undergraduate and postgraduate teacher involved in Teaching-Learning methodology of NTTC and former member of MEU (Medical Education Unit) of SCB Medical College and a Master Trainer and Evaluator of EmOC for the last 38 years, I take special privilege in strongly recommending the Certification Course of Gynaec Academy to all OBGYN Consultants, Infertility Specialists and Medical College Teachers as well as Post Graduates in OBGYN and not the least young Sonologists in full time practice in the private sector.
The mind blowing, learner friendly, stress free, online adult learning methodology that leaves you with superb skill acquisition and competency in advanced ultrasonography, taught by such superb doctors, Mala Sibal and Sonal Panchal speaks volumes for itself. This course lays stress on what the learner should learn so as to be useful to women with health challenges and is a reflection of the striking humane attitude of the course and makes it so special.
Being a retired teacher who imparts training in Ultrasound to OBYN specialists in our Govt Health System, as Coordinator Centre of Excellence (Maternal Health-NHM) I feel uniquely strengthened to learn numerous new aspects of Ultrasonography from Gynaec Academy and more importantly unlearn quite a few things.
I once again strongly recommend this course to all OBGYN specialists, consultants & reproductive medicine specialists to undertake this extremely cost effective online course, so appropriate in the present COVID 19 pandemic.

Dr Shyama Kanungo, India

As I completed the 6-month Gyn. Ultrasound course, I was marvelling at its intellect. I enjoyed the lectures extremely and found them pretty knowledgeable, so much so, that I recommended this course to several of my colleagues. In all, it was quiet an enriching experience as it gave thorough insight on the subject. I believe every gynaecologist who does gyn. ultrasound must attend this course, to do justice to their patients.

Dr Aditi Bansal, India

I'm extremely happy to have done this course in gynaecology scans. The content was very well thought through.
The curriculum was informative, well-produced, and one of the most interesting. Also, the way that the team used the time to survey us while we were learning, meant that ultimately, we were very confident about ourselves. That’s a very unique way to approach things and it was well done. I have never seen a course module as nice as this! Very nice to work visually with crystal clear images beautifully explained and simple to understand. The videos are fabulous and just the right length. The questions and material are thought provoking and thus effective. I do not see the time go by when I am working on these units.
For my first on-line course, I can say that if I was sceptical in the past about on-line courses, when done right, as this one is, it is an amazing experience. I really like the tone of the videos and the narrative materials.
My complements to the course directors and designer for an excellent integration of video and text and easy navigation.
Glad to be a part of such a great opportunity! This course is EXACTLY what I need right now. Overall I would like to say this is a great course that I am so grateful to have been a part of and learnt from it. Thank you all for all the hard work you have put into it.

Dr Kavitha Vinayak, India

I have been doing obstetric and gynaec USG for last 19 years but after taking this gynaec USG course I was immensely benefitted. For last 4-5 years I have started doing IVF for which USG is very important. All the topics have been explained in so much detail with USG pictures and video clips, which helps in thorough understanding of the subject. It helped me a lot clinically. Thanks a lot, to Dr Mala madam and Dr Sonal madam. The self-assessment tests at the end of each topic makes us hear the topic again and again which further clears our doubts. Appearing for the completion examination at the end of course is very important, as that puts a pressure on us to know the subject accurately. Many thanks again to Gynaecology Academy.

Dr Supriya Pani, India

Excellent course. My concepts have become so clear now. Mala ma’am is simply the best! She has changed my whole approach towards gynaecological scans. Her teaching methods make gynecology scans seem so do-able.
Sonal Ma’am talks on infertility are superb. I think anyone who does Gyne scans should definitely do this course.

Dr Swati Vyas, India

Hi everyone! I Dr. Sharmila Jalewa, am a practicing gynaecologist at Mittal hospital & RC, Jaipur, and always find myself short of time in between my busy practice, to attend conferences and to keep myself updated with the latest happening in my field.
I took this course and finished it at my own convenience while understanding various levels of the course. I am very satisfied with the course structure and various modules it offered me that I could revisit. It provided a basic to advanced, in depth learning of the subject including various tips and tricks.
The best part of the course is the Whatsapp support group mentored by seniors and stalwarts of subject to solve day to day queries.
To add a feather to above is a monthly webinar on topics of common interests. This is my personal recommendation, without any conflict of interest, that all gynecologists whose practice includes self-sonography, should to take up this course and sit for the exam too, to fine tune your existing skills.
Finally, I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Mala mam, Dr Sonal mam, Sonya and the whole team for providing me this wonderful lifetime experience.

Dr Sharmila Jalewa, India

Course content: The course demonstrates Excellence and Passion with high standards of quality education and information in the Field of Gynecology. The impressive images and videos with amazing resolution combined with lectures, made the different shades of grey in pelvic ultrasound much easier to understand and read.
The course helps with the holistic development of the person doing the scans. Each topic is covered in-depth and in a systematic manner. The course will help doctors and sonologists involved in the care of women become better trained and knowledgeable in their field.
The passionate teaching loaded with enthusiasm is easily passed along the lectures. The patient’s history, followed by the findings during the scan, ignites the anticipation and interest as to what could be found during surgery/procedure and ending with the histopathology report. Finally, the different shades of grey do make sense!
The high standards and quality in the subject are informative and up-to-date and it strongly influences and motivates one to set targets and take responsibility. There is always something to look forward to. The tutor’s effort in conducting an online course just like a live class is evident by its reach to the audience. Seriously, I never imagined that an endovaginal scan could be taught so effectively through distance learning.
The course teachers Dr. Mala Sibal and Dr. Sonal Panchal have put their heart and soul in this course which is evident in their passionate discussions and knowledge sharing. They have skilfully made even a difficult topic sound simple by sticking to the basics and following a systematic approach. They take us through a journey which inevitably ends up with the importance of follow up.
This course is undoubtedly, the best of its kind for those interested in pursuing a career as a sonologist, or a gynaecologist who wishes to get a grip on their scanning abilities regardless of their previous experience!

Self-assessment: The questions seemed simple initially, but they were carefully designed in such a way to help with understanding the core contents in the topics covered. It encouraged me to take more responsibility for my learning.

The administrative team: The web page is user friendly and it is easy to navigate through the course material without difficulty. Sonya was very helpful. She was always there when we wanted help.

Exam: The final examination questions were carefully designed so as to reflect what was assimilated from the course. It gave me a sense of closure to this marvellous learning experience from the Gurus!

Dr Devipriya, India

Mala Sibal madam is a godsend. After completing my DMRD, I was not confident about gynaec imaging. Madam’s lectures and course taught me the practical points and gave me confidence. She is just a message away if I have a doubt in any case.

Dr Lavu Lavanya, India

My experience with this course was excellent. I enjoyed the lectures very much and the fact that the cases have a lot of illustrative ultrasound videos made the process of gaining knowledge easier. I widely recommend it.

Dr Ana Teresa Montes Leyva (Radiologist), Mexico

Hi friends!
I am Dr. Latha, a practicing sonologist running my diagnostic centre in Chennai since 2003. I met Dr. Mala at a conference and when I heard her and came to know about the gynecology ultrasound course, I enrolled for the same immediately. Despite my experience in the field, this course has helped deepen my understanding of the subject.
So once the obstetric course was announced, I didn't have to think twice. The eminent faculty make all the lectures very simple and interesting. I believe that a mediocre teacher tells, a good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates and a great teacher inspires! In gynecology academy, all the teachers are really inspiring and the various webinars and the WhatsApp group discussions are very useful in improving your knowledge of ultrasound and pattern recognition.
Thank you Gynac academy for helping me continue my ultrasound journey more confidently and keep inspiring us!

Dr Latha Ramakrishnan, India

Had a wonderful experience with Gynecology Academy. I never thought that learning can be so much fun and so simple. The teachers, respected Dr. Mala and Dr. Sonal are so dedicated that I never felt it was an online course. I always felt someone was holding my hand and teaching.
And above all the WhatsApp group and the regular webinars are always a treat to be a part of. It is lifelong learning and that too with stalwarts. I would like to thank each and every individual involved in this learning, from the bottom of my heart.

Dr Avneesh Kour, Dubai

This is Dr Rajeswari, OBG, HOD, Govt Medical College, Tamil Nadu.
I had joined the GynAc – Gyn. Ultrasound Course. The course was very useful, and it feels that Mala madam is holding our hands and teaching us. There are recorded videos and whenever we get the time we can go through these videos and get adequate knowledge. There is also a separate WhatsApp group, whenever we have a doubt, we can post it on the group and all the doubts are cleared by Mala Madam. It is extremely useful and informative, and I thank Mala madam for guiding us in a proper way as now I am very confident in doing Gynac Ultrasound.
In the same way for the Infertility Management Course, all the basics are cleared by Nagori Sir and Sonal madam. Both are very dedicated and guide us in a proper way for the basic Infertility work. I really thank all my teachers for guiding me and I will definitely recommend this course to all my fellow students. Thank you so much.

Dr Rajeswari Anandhan, India

The gynecology ultrasound course has been an enriching experience. The course material has been very well planned and is crisp and illustrative.
I cannot thank Dr Mala and Dr Sonal enough for all that I have learnt during the course. I have understood the importance of pattern recognition and am able to pick up minute details which I would have overlooked otherwise, before I started this course.
Dr. Mala is such an inspiration. Her eye for detail is impeccable. She explains even the minutest of points so well. The talks are very illustrative. She takes the time to see each and every case in the telegram group and explains every point in great detail.
Dr Sonal’s talks have also helped me improve my infertility scans.
The best part about this course is that we can watch the same video multiple times and at our leisure.
A special thanks to the support team especially Ms. Sonya who was always ready to respond to our queries.

Dr Kirtan Krishna, India

It's been an honour to have teachers like Dr Mala Sibal and Dr Sonal mam. I feel really lucky to have enrolled in Gynecology Academy for the Gynaecological USG course. I am a practicing ObGyn Consultant from Pune. I am a beginner for Gyn ultrasound but with a lot of interest in the same. So I was really looking for such a course which will help me keep my practice going and simultaneously learn too, while staying in my city itself.
With this course, from the comforts of your own home, it is as of you are learning by doing sonography in a real person. They have lectures which give thorough knowledge about doing Gyn USG along with numerous USG images and videos which gives us a clear idea about ultrasound. We can see these lectures multiple times. They have a separate Telegram group for alumni where you to share your cases and discuss them. You can also learn from new cases shared by other doctors from across different cities. We can also put up our queries which are solved by Dr Mala mam. Every month there are alumni webinars on a focussed special topic, and in addition to lectures rare and unusual cases are shared.
Words are less to express about Dr Mala Mam. She is always enthusiastic to solve our queries and she personally gives proper attention including on phone calls. She tries to give us a proper solution whenever she gets time from her busy schedule. Now I find it very interesting doing gyn scans also correlating them with the patient’s clinical symptoms.
My view and approach towards seeing gynaecolgical pathology has changed. According to her we all learn through experience. Mala mam is wonderful teacher. She gives proper time to each scan she performs, which she later correlates with the histopathological diagnosis - which we all should practice. So many unusual and rare cases can be learnt through this course. I would really recommend every practicing gynaecologist to enrol for such a course which will enhance our knowledge and keep us growing further.
Big thanks to Dr Mala mam and her team of consultants from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful course. Special thanks to Sonya for coordinating really well and providing instant (very quick) help about any problem we face during the course.

Dr Deepti Saler, India

Hello, I am Afsaneh, a gynecologist practicing in Shiraz, Iran. Thanks to the pandemic!!! It was by the grace of this pandemic that international webinars started worldwide and I was so lucky to receive a message announcing a webinar of Gynecology Academy in which all courses were introduced.
First, I attended the Gyn ultrasound course. I thank Dr. Mala who kindly encouraged me to attend the fetal medicine course as well, during the time of a special offer!
I found both the courses extremely useful, very informative and practical - to the extent that I’ve decided to attend an onsite observership training in Gyn. ultrasound by Dr. Mala and I also plan to participate in the fetal medicine fellowship by Dr Bijoy. I appreciate the passion, time and all the efforts, Dr Mala mam has devoted to this fantastic comprehensive online course. Many thanks to brilliant and knowledgeable faculty.
All this was not possible without the support of the technical team especially dear Sonya who’s so professional and always available to help in the shortest time.
I would definitely recommend this course to any gynecologist or radiologist who wishes to enhance his or her skills in doing Gyn. or fetal scans.

Dr Afsaneh Sahraeian, Iran

Hi friends, I am Dr Charu Mahorkar from Nagpur. I am a general obstetrician and Gynecologist. You can say I am a general practitioner. I am practicing ultrasound since 1985. But in those days there was no training as it is available nowadays. I was so happy to attend the IOTA class of Mala Sibal Madam in Feb 2020 and that’s how I learnt about the Gynac Academy. I did the course of Gynecology ultrasound and later the course on infertility. Recently, I did an observership in Manipal Hospital under Mala Mam. I learnt a lot from all this. The tips and tricks of all these great people like Sonal Panchal Mam, Mala Mam, Lakshmy Mam and Dr Bijoy are very, very useful. I am glad to tell you they teach us through various platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Webinars. Also, on their portal we can hear lectures by these knowledgeable teachers a number of times. I wish that all those who are doing ultrasound take advantage of this platform to enhance their skills. It will help us improve a lot in our day-to-day work.

Dr Charu Mahorkar, India

I thank the entire Gynaecology Academy team for making this course so easy to follow and so interesting to learn with such nice lectures and videos. Thank you to Dr. Mala ma’am and Dr. Sonal ma’am for sharing your wealth of information in such an easy to assimilate manner. I will forever be thankful to you for teaching me the basics of Gynae ultrasound and making me hooked for life. Will never be able to practice gynaecology without an Ultrasound!

Lakshmi Kalbande, India

I am Dr Vijayalakshmy, working as senior consultant ObGyn in Khoula Hospital, Muscat.
I found this Gyn ultrasound course very useful in day-to-day practice. I feel that all practising Gynecologists should attend this course.
My sincere appreciation goes to Dr Mala Sibal who has taken lot of effort in organising this course and has tailored the course to the requirement of Gynecologists. She has been a great teacher always.
Thanks to the support system, especially Pallavi, who has patiently listened to the queries and helped sort them out as early as possible.
Thanks and regards,

Dr Vijayalakshmy A. Raman, Oman

I am Dr Samyuktha, working at Oasis Fertility in Karimnagar. My senior informed me about the GynAc ultrasound course. Enrolling in the GYNECOLOGY ULTRASOUND course proved to be a game changer for me. The comprehensive curriculum equipped me with invaluable skills to excel in my profession. The instructions, expertise, and personalized guidance made the learning experience both enriching and enjoyable. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to advance their career in ultrasound imaging. I wholeheartedly thank Dr Mala and Dr Sonal for guiding me and helping me achieve my goals.

Dr Rachamalla Samyuktha, India

Dear Dr Mala and Gynac Team,
Thank you so much for conducting this program. I practice in a place with limited resources, 90 km from Nagpur. Thankfully I do have an S8 (insisted and bought it on loan ☺) and when a patient needs to wait a year for an MRI in government setup, within 4 hours, I have gained immense confidence and now I will go back and spend some extra time with my patients for evaluating adnexal masses. I am sure I will be able to make a difference to improve the life of at least one lady, daughter, sister, mother and wife. Thank you to the IOTA team, in a structured way, I have received help and confidence I need to go ahead and brainstorm my diagnosis.

Dr Meera A Jayaprakash, India

A great concept with excellent teaching by Dr Mala Sibal. In 4 hours, she has given us enough knowledge to be able to figure out the basics of adnexal mass. Thank you for all your efforts and hard work.

Dr Rajasi Senagupta, India

I recommend this program be conducted in all medical colleges and all cities across the globe as if really simplifies the classification of adnexal mass. The basic talk was very useful before the program as it summed up about what we are looking forward to. It really was a wonderful program. Thank you to the IOTA group for this wonderful idea that may save lives of women by just doing ultrasound and proper reporting.

Dr Megha Jain, India

It is a beautiful program. Well-structured and organised. A lot of clarity in the information that was imparted. It was wonderful to have Dr Mala Sibal as the speaker, someone who knows the topic in and out. I love the way she speaks and is full of energy. She kept me engaged the entire time. The passion for her work was very obvious. Congratulations to the IOTA group for their untiring efforts for 2 decades.

Dr Sweeti Soni, India

It was an amazing program with a mind-blowing practice session and for somebody like me who is a beginner, it means a lot to learn from Dr Mala. I am so delighted to have attended the program. Everyone should do it. If we want to fight ovarian malignancy, I think the IOTA is the way!

Dr Shweta Pradhan, India

Thanks for all that you have done to make it objective and mathematical. I only wish I had learnt is earlier and that it is included as a separate chapter in our textbooks, instead of just being part of a list. You have a convert and an evangelist.

Dr Richa Kali, India

I am an ultrasound practising gynaecologist. I always wanted to attend this program. Thank you for bringing it to Jaipur.
The highlights of the program were- • Dr Mala is a great speaker
• Simple language and great slides, especially the cases & learning methods
• All the videos were very nice
• Technical team was great
• Best practice session
Take home message for me: My ultrasound scan should be as good as naked eye appearance of the lesion.

Dr Pankhuri Goyal, India

The program is definitely an eye-opener. I was smug after doing years of gynae ultrasound that I would probably not be learning anything significantly new. But Dr Sibal’s talk was so simple and clear that my knowledge expanded in all dimensions. I will now be able to diagnose all adnexal masses confidently and will surely download the IOTA- ADNEX- MODEL to benefit my patients and practice. The biggest advantage to our society and women would be that of an early and specific diagnosis. This training also makes it amply clear that radiology and pathology go hand in hand as far as the diagnosis of adnexal masses is concerned.

Dr Monica Singh, India

It was a wonderful teaching session. It made it easy to differentiate between the masses and gave confidence for counselling and treatment of patients. The basic IOTA talk helped a lot. Incredible work done by the IOTA team as in low resource setting we can analyse the patient without MRI and CT scan.

Dr Anjali Kanhere, India

Dear Dr Mala, I am a beginner and your lecture was so informative and clear, that I am confident about making a differentiation between malignant and benign. I am very fortunate to have attended this program and to see you in person, which I dreamed of.

Dr Vijaya Tikanya, India

Dr. Mala Sibal is a great and inspirational speaker. She is very passionate, delivers all the lectures from her heart, uses her very valuable clinical experience, knows her patients, and even remembers their background social problem. She is truly an ambassador of IOTA in the part of the world. I will definitely encourage others to participate in the IOTA program. Thank you very much for this motivational and educational course.

Prof. Si Lang Khaing, Malaysia

Excellent! No words to describe Dr. Mala Sibal. A big thanks to each and every member in the IOTA group and special thanks to Dirk Timmerman, Tom Browne, Lil Valentine, Antonia Testa & Ben Van Calster.

Dr Priti Dubey, India

Conferences like this should be encouraged as it has a great impact in changing the way of diagnosis and treatment in a better way. It should be organized in almost all zones in India so that they are all exposed to this great academic delight, at least once a year.
Thanks to all the IOTA members for having come down with very simplified and methodological guidelines for differentiating adnexal lesions.

Dr Swapita Hofa, India

Excellent workshop. The best I have ever attended. I am able to differentiate between adnexal masses after the session. Thanks to the IOTA group and to Dr Mala for her excellent and elaborate talk.

Dr P. Sivaji, India

Lectures were awesome. It was a pleasure hearing Dr. Mala. This lecture has motivated me and has filled me with enthusiasm for handling such cases. Thank you, IOTA GROUP, for such awesome work and saving lives in huge numbers.

Dr Neha Thakur, India

Hi. I am Dr Rakhi Agarwal, a radiologist based in Patna, Bihar. Thank you, Dr Mala, for your excellent lectures and IOTA training. I cherished the experience very much. I am grateful for your mentoring and would like to thank you sincerely for the effort you put in along with your heart. You are a great teacher. People like you come along once in a lifetime and I am so glad to have had this opportunity of interacting with you.

Dr Rakhi Agarwal, India

It was a great learning experience. Adnexal masses diagnosis and management has always been very challenging. This is an extreme simplification of a complex medical scenario. Feel more confident now in diagnosing and managing them.
Message to IOTA Group- Great work guys. Really doctors and women worldwide are appreciating your effort.

Dr Swati Kumari, India

It was a great lecture. For the past 15 years I am practising as an obstetrician and gynaecologist and use an USG machine, but I was only able to identify a simple serous cyst or an endometriotic cyst. But now, after this lecture, I am very excited to observe and diagnose adnexal masses, so that my patient gets benefitted. I am very grateful to the IOTA group for this!

Dr B. Sujatha, India

An excellent programme for the evaluation of adnexal mass. A very impressive lecture by Dr. Mala Sibal. I would definitely motivate others to join the program.
I am very thankful to the IOTA group for doing this work for the past 20 years.

Dr P. Sudha, India

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!
Oh my God! Such clear-cut information and guidelines. I am really impressed but felt very bad that till now I did not have this knowledge. Hats off to the IOTA group and Dr. Mala Sibal for the guidelines in describing ovarian tumours as benign or malignant. Thank you so much for having the workshop in Nanded. Dr. Mala, you are very sweet and kind too.

Dr Manisha A Munde, India

The training by Dr. Mala Sibal is fantastic. She explains each and every point with clarity. It is of tremendous use for everyone in this field. I appreciate her knowledge and sincerity and the tender human touch behind her work. IOTA needs applause for the extraordinary work they have done.

Dr Vrushalee Kinhalkar, India

The IOTA certification program is an eye opener to Gynec USG. It simplifies gynec imaging and encourages us, ’Yes, we can come to a near accurate diagnosis of an adnexal mass- correlate clinically’.
Dr. Mala’s effective teaching has made this program worth attending. Hats off to the IOTA steering committee group for coming up with such a simplified approach to adnexal mass imaging. I strongly recommend that all imaging specialists should attend this program to make their gynec imaging perfect.

Dr Chitra Ganesh, India

It was wonderful and I learned many new things today. I suggest that everyone, whether they are fertility specialists, gynac oncologist, radiologist or general gynaecologists, must attend at least the basic course as it helps us to better patient management. I appreciate the efforts of the entire IOTA team, especially Dr. Mala Sibal.

Dr Himanshu, India

It has been a great advantage to attend such a workshop arranged by IOTA team. I have attended this program before and I found it very effective to assess adnexal masses, which inspired me to register for the program again. I wish the IOTA group and honourable speaker Dr. Mala Sibal all the very best! Dr. Mala is a wonderful speaker who can hold the attention of every single participant.

Dr Sharmin Rahman, Bangladesh

Thank you to Dr. Mala for delivering such a wonderful lecture. IOTA basic talk was really helpful prior to the program. I feel there should be frequent arrangements for the IOTA program in developing countries. A sincere request to the IOTA group.

Dr Shankar Biswas, Bangladesh

Tons of pictures and videos of case example with fantastic resolutions made it very easy to understand. The instructor gives us some practice cases directly, which increased our comprehensive understanding. Before joining the program, when I found an adnexal mass, I used to have some doubts about how to define, solid/ not solid, with or without acoustic shadow and to determine if it is benign or malignant. Then fortunately. I came for this program. It has really improved my self-confidence. It was a good idea to tell the audience not to talk. I appreciate the way the focus was maintained.

Dr Nisa Fathoni, Indonesia

This course was very interesting for me. It has cleared all my doubts about IOTA. I think it was a good idea to give access to the basic talk. It would be better if you give this course in a big audience setting (like in scientific meeting in Indonesia Ob’s meeting). Thank you for your tireless work.

Dr Toto Imam Soeparmono, Indonesia

Dr. Shipla, India
Dr. Seema Sultane, India
Dr. Rahul Gera, India
Dr. Seema T, UAE

Dr. Kush, India
Dr. Azjargal Batdorj, Mongolia
Dr. Senthil, India
Dr Hanady Ibrahim, Qatar

Dr. Soumita, India
Dr. Meera, India
Dr. Anu, India
Dr. Swapna Chouhan, India

Dr. Fatima Cherifi, Dubai
Dr. Madhurima, India
Dr. Jigna R Ganatra, India
Dr. Ram Shenoy Basti, India

Dr. Rajesh, India
Dr. Mrinalini, India

I am Dr Sarita Dhar, Radiologist practicing in Dar es salaam Tanzania since 18 years.
I recently completed my one-year course in Fetal medicine and Obstetric ultrasound from Gynaec Academy.
What drew me to the program was the opportunity to learn from the extremely talented faculty, and I was not disappointed. I can’t say enough great things about Dr Rama Murthy sir, Dr Lakshmy madam and Dr Bijoy Sir. Their experience and in-depth knowledge made all topic easy to understand.
This program provides a high level of training. All the lectures are very informative, detailed with ample case images and videos. The self-assessment, image submission and exam at the end of the course ensures sound understanding.
In addition, the monthly interactive webinars keep the momentum of learning going.
The telegram group available to all alumni is a great help. The mentors provide valuable insights with challenging cases in daily practice.
Special mention to the supporting staff, they are always there to help.
I found this course extremely helpful to refine my skills and improve my diagnostic accuracy.
I would highly recommend this teaching program.
Thank you so much.

Dr Sarita Dhar, Tanzania

Hi! I am Dr Ejaj, working as a consultant radiologist in Atmakur town, Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh. I got to know about Gynecology Academy through my fetal echo ‘Guru’, Dr Bijoy Balakrishnan. After joining the fetal medicine online course, I have become very confident in issuing reports and coming to an accurate diagnosis. The course is comprehensive and concise. The lectures are really good. One enjoys listening to these videos. Doubts can be cleared in the Telegram group. This course is really helpful for those who can’t attend the offline courses. Thank you so much Dr Bijoy sir, Dr Rama Murthy sir and Dr Lakshmy madam.

Dr Ejaj Ahmed, India

Hello doctors,
I am a practicing sonologist for 36 years. I joined the fetal medicine course in Gynac Academy, completed it recently and got through the exam in first class. First, let me congratulate Dr. Mala Sibal madam for starting a wonderful teaching program with world-famous faculty Dr. B.S. Rama Murthy sir, Dr. Bijoy sir and Dr. Lakshmy madam, who are teachers with passion and dedication. I feel proud to be a student of such wonderful faculty.
I learned a lot of new things from the wonderful videos covering from basics to advanced things, well-illustrated and very useful. Really, I enjoyed the videos. One advantage of this course is we need not disturb our day-to-day work, whenever we have time, we can read. Definitely, this course is a refresher kind of learning in fetal medicine.
Another advantage of this course, there are bimonthly webinars in which we are given case presentations, extensive discussion by faculty, which really helped us, to learn so many new things. Starting a telegram group was a wonderful idea. It has helped us a lot in interaction with our seniors and so wonderful that our faculty Dr. Rama Murthy sir, Dr. Bijoy sir and Dr. Lakshmy madam participate actively for betterment in our daily clinical practice. Whenever we get an interesting case with doubts, we post it in the Telegram group with immediate response from faculty.
Regarding the support group Mrs. Sonya and Mrs. Pallavi are also very helpful. Whenever we have any doubts, they helped us even at odd hours. So fetal medicine course under Gynecology Academy is worth joining. It would be beneficial for anybody, who has an interest in learning fetal medicine or who wants to upgrade their knowledge.
Thank you, Dr. Mala madam, again for giving me this chance to learn and upgrade my knowledge in fetal medicine, through Gynac Academy. All the best.

Dr Narayana Rao Chegondi, India

I am Dr Upasna Sinha, currently working in India. Thank you so much, Gynac Academy, for conducting this online course. I have done the Fetal Medicine course and found it very helpful. It has improved my skills in obstetric ultrasound. The webinars by the faculty on the website are excellent. Your Telegram group is also very educational, and the faculty members are truly generous in answering our case-related doubts. I would highly recommend this course to those interested in online courses, as I can assure you it will be invaluable for enhancing your clinical skills.
Thank you, Dr. Mala madam, again for giving me this chance to learn and upgrade my knowledge in fetal medicine, through Gynac Academy. All the best.

Dr Upasna Sinha, India

"If people know better, they do better". The Course in all aspects has exactly done this. It has made me know better and has improved my practice.

Dr Nerry Otieno Omolo, Swaziland

Hi, I Dr Chintan Chaudhary, practicing obstetrician and gynecologist from prestigious VMMC, Safdarjung hospital always wanted to learn the crisp basics of ultrasound so I could have a better approach of maternal and fetal outcome in my practice. Gynecology academy provided me with excellent guidance in fetal medicine by providing extremely vast knowledge through self-explanatory helpful lectures along with self-assessment series, by highly experienced faculty like Dr Rama Murthy sir, Dr Bijoy sir and Dr Lakshmy madam. I'm grateful for the enriched experience of gaining knowledge and practice skills which will definitely upgrade and improvise my experience as an obstetrician. Webinars and telegram group cases discussion of our images too, keep us well oriented and studying on a regularly basis.

Dr Chintan Chaudhary, India

Hello everyone,
I am Dr. Kokila, practicing Obstetrics and Gynecology in Bargur, Krishnagiri. I came to know about this fellowship course in fetal medicine from my friend. After joining this course, my knowledge has improved. The lectures were good. I learnt a lot of new things from well-illustrated videos. I sincerely thank the 3 great, talented teachers Dr. Ramamurthy sir, Dr. Bijoy sir, and Dr. Lakshmy mam, for the great efforts that they have taken. The Telegram group is very useful for sharing difficult cases and clarifying doubts. The main advantage of this online course is that whenever we have time, we can study, without disturbing our work. In the bimonthly webinars, the journal article, case presentation, and case discussions are very good. I thank the 3 great stalwarts of fetal medicine for giving me this chance to upgrade my knowledge.

Dr Kokila C, India

It is a wonderful course (Fetal medicine) and it was a truly invaluable learning experience for me. The learning from this course was very constructive with input and guidance from eminent teachers throughout each module of the course. This course has helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses. I highly recommend this course to all the practicing sonologists including students as well as consultants. It is a once-in-lifetime experience.

Dr Seema Pankaj Tardeja, United Arab Emirates

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Nagla Sorkaty, registered Obstetric and Gynae consultant in Saudi Arabia. I want to share and express my gratitude and appreciation to the gynecology academy. I have just finished the course on fetal medicine. All the topics were covered in a great detail, in a simple & easy to understand way, with great, knowledgeable and professional teachers who are very passionate and have great experience. I would highly recommend anyone to take this course, or any other course offered by the academy. Once again thank you for the great effort.

Dr Nagla Sorkaty, Saudi Arabia

My name is Dr. Rani Sulochana and I am an Obstetrician and Gynecologist with extensive work experience in my field. I have worked both in India and in Brunei, Darussalam. I do antenatal ultrasound scans regularly as part of my work responsibilities. I have now formally retired from work in Brunei. Due to my interest in ultrasonography, my friends suggested that I do this course. In the past, I have attended ISUOG conferences whenever possible. Though I started the course rather hesitantly, I was impressed by the course content and the teaching in the course. I did not expect difficult details would be taught in such a simplified manner. The teaching motivated me to pursue the course with total commitment. The images and videos shown were extremely clear. The amazing teachers and the technical team were very helpful throughout the course. The discussions in the group helped me clarify my doubts. The course has spurred confidence in pursuing Ultrasonography in the future. I would highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in fetal ultrasound scans.

Dr Rani Sulochana, Brunei

It was a privilege to be a part of the Fetal Medicine course. It is a dream come true for me to be mentored by stalwarts of the likes of Dr B.S.Ramamurthy, Dr Bijoy Balakrishnan and Dr Lakshmy Ravi. The lectures are in depth and comprehensive. The monthly webinars are an innovative way to learn. The telegram and WhatsApp groups allowed direct interaction with our teachers regarding difficult clinical cases and an exposure to a variety of cases encountered by our colleagues. The course made Fetal Medicine really interesting.
I sincerely thank Dr Mala Sibal for bringing together the best teachers in the field of Fetal Medicine on one platform. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in Fetal Medicine.

Dr Tosha Sheth, India

I am forever indebted to my teachers and Gynecology Academy for giving me such a wonderful learning experience. It has been a great year (in spite of Covid). I wish everyone who does Fetal Ultrasound could have a go here. There is a dearth of good teachers presently. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dr Sandhya Savitri, India

For me this course has been really a great experience. I enjoyed each and every minute of the lectures. Dr. Bijoy has very nicely explained the technicalities along with practical tips. Fantastic sir you are a teacher par excellence. Thank you Gyn-Ac, for everything.

Dr Omkar Potdar, India

Fetal Medicine

My course on Basics on Fetal 3D imaging has been a pleasurable journey in my pursuit of knowledge to learn about the uses of 3D ultrasound. I have always thought of it to be useful as a social scan when we would see the baby smiling at us. Now, beyond the luxury of seeing the baby’s face, I now know the necessity of using 3D to further our ability to see beyond what is normal. 3D increases our diagnostic capability and accuracy and give us confidence with our diagnosis.
I would like to thank Dr Lakshmy Ravi Selvaraj for a simple yet very informative lecture on basic 3D ultrasound. She made it appear so easy. I was actually inspired by her brilliance!
I will definitely recommend the different courses in the Gynecology Academy to my colleagues where they can learn and enjoy the different topics in the comfort of their home. Kudos!

Dr Mercedes P. Viduya, Philippines

Basics of Fetal 3D Imaging

Thank you, Gynecology Academy, for making this course available online. I truly appreciate Dr Lakshmy Selvaraj's remarkable attention to detail. She has a brilliant way of taking one through the basics to the latest updates in first trimester ultrasound. I highly recommend this course to anyone with a thirst for learning: from the trainee looking for an easy-to-understand approach to first trimester ultrasound, to the specialist seeking an enrichment course.

Dr Suzette Gisbert, Philippines

First Trimester Ultrasound

For me it has been really a great experience of learning nuances of ultrasound under the aegis of Gynecology Academy. All the mentors are world class, and they make every effort to transfer their knowledge to the participants.
I would recommend everyone to hone their ultrasound skills at Gynecology Academy for the benefit of their patients.

Dr Rupa Shekhar, India


Dr. Sushila Netravali, India
Dr. Heriyanto, Indonesia
Dr. Igwilo, Nigeria
Dr. Sandhy, Indonesia

Dr. Sucharitha, India
Dr. Jayabharathi, India

The Infertility management course has been immensely beneficial to me. Though I have been practicing infertility for the last 10-12 years, there were always many doubts and confusion, which this course has helped to clear. Treating Infertility is discussed from the basics and in a simplified way. Same with ultrasound. Dr. Sonal madam has explained ultrasound in infertility in great detail. I would recommend everyone practicing infertility to take this course as knowledge of good infertility ultrasound is very essential in treating patients.
Dr. Nagori Sir’s lectures are very helpful in clearing most of the doubts. I have started using gonadotrophins more frequently particularly recombinant FSH for IUI and only TI, also. Before this course, I only used rFSH in IVF cycles. Even though I have completed the course long back I keep revising by requesting an extension.
The WhatsApp group is very useful where all our queries are promptly answered by Nagori sir and Sonal madam.
The alumni webinars on small topics are very interesting and we get to learn about certain topics in detail through interaction with our faculty and colleagues.

Dr Supriya Pani, India

The 6-month course of Infertility Management has been a beautiful experience. Videos are very informative, and it has helped me understand the basics of ultrasound in Infertility. The course has boosted my confidence and I'm really grateful to Sonal mam and Nagori sir.

Dr Anitha Rayappa, India

Hi everyone. I am Dr Nandita Maitra, Additional Professor at Medical College, Baroda.
I first enrolled for the Fetal Medicine course offered by Gynac Academy. I thereafter went on to join the Gynecology Ultrasound course, the IOTA certification course and most recently, the course in Infertility. The course is very well curated with faculty like Dr C. B. Nagori and Dr Sonal Panchal. I have learnt and benefited much from this and all the other courses. In addition to the video lectures, there is a WhatsApp group which enables clarification of doubts and promotes discussion. Webinars are conducted at regular intervals. I am grateful to Dr Mala Sibal for having launched this wonderful portal of Gynecology Academy.

Dr Nandita Maitra, India

I am into clinical practice since 1996. I did almost 13 courses till date (out of these 3 were related to infertility). Even then I was not able to justify the management of infertile patients. I used to ask my colleagues and have done so many unnecessary things without any success and evidence. All these things added to my frustration only.
After joining this course, total scenario has changed drastically. This course is like ‘Seedhi Baat No Bakwas’. Dr. Panchal and Dr. Nagori explain the basic physiology, colour Doppler, and other topics in detail and in a very simplistic way. Their teaching is self-explanatory. Now I have become more confident in selecting the proper patients, their counselling and giving proper treatment.
I stopped using clomiphene, HMG, metformin, myoinositol and many other irrational drugs. I also stopped doing FSH, LH, AMH and only rely on TSH, Prolactin and sometimes Progesterone. I am more confident in using gonadotropins and giving trigger at a very appropriate time due to better understanding of Doppler and use of 3D USG. My centre’s IUI results have improved.
I highly recommend this course without any doubt. One request to the participant is that they should watch all the 23 videos at least 3 times before implementing into practice. The lectures are so powerful that you learn new things after every viewing.

Dr Mangesh Narwadkar, India

I am really satisfied and benefitted a lot with the infertility course. The lectures were up to the point and evidence based. This course has helped me a lot in practical approach to infertility management and counselling. Dr Sonal madam and Dr Nagori sir were very prompt in responding to the queries (even silly queries). Previously I used to give more importance to biochemical and hormonal evaluation parameters. After joining this course, I started understanding about the added value of ultrasound and its correlation with endocrinology parameters, initiating treatment and monitoring to have successful outcomes.

Dr Ramya S, India

I'm grateful to Gynecology Academy. I learnt a lot from Dr. C. Nagori Sir and Dr. Sonal madam. After this course a lot of doubts were cleared, and I gained some in depth knowledge of USG and management of infertility. Nagori Sir is a teacher par excellence. The way Sonal Madam has combined reproductive endocrinology with USG is amazing.

Dr Lilabati Guru, India

I have greatly benefitted by doing this course. The materials are excellent. Teaching faculty are great and very supportive with prompt responses to all our doubts. I recommend this course to all new aspiring gynecologists and obstetricians who practice infertility or who are aiming to practice infertility.

Dr Sunil Sharma, India

This is Dr Rajeswari, OBG, HOD, Govt Medical College, Tamil Nadu.
I had joined the GynAc – Gyn. Ultrasound Course. The course was very useful, and it feels that Mala madam is holding our hands and teaching us. There are recorded videos and whenever we get the time we can go through these videos and get adequate knowledge. There is also a separate WhatsApp group, whenever we have a doubt, we can post it on the group and all the doubts are cleared by Mala Madam. It is extremely useful and informative, and I thank Mala madam for guiding us in a proper way as now I am very confident in doing Gynac Ultrasound.
In the same way for the Infertility Management Course, all the basics are cleared by Nagori Sir and Sonal madam. Both are very dedicated and guide us in a proper way for the basic Infertility work. I really thank all my teachers for guiding me and I will definitely recommend this course to all my fellow students. Thank you so much.

Dr Rajeswari Anandhan, India

Hi friends, I am Dr Charu Mahorkar from Nagpur. I am a general obstetrician and Gynecologist. You can say I am a general practitioner. I am practicing ultrasound since 1985. But in those days there was no training as it is available nowadays. I was so happy to attend the IOTA class of Mala Sibal Madam in Feb 2020 and that’s how I learnt about the Gynac Academy. I did the course of Gynecology ultrasound and later the course on infertility. Recently, I did an observership in Manipal Hospital under Mala Mam. I learnt a lot from all this. The tips and tricks of all these great people like Sonal Panchal Mam, Mala Mam, Lakshmy Mam and Dr Bijoy are very, very useful. I am glad to tell you they teach us through various platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Webinars. Also, on their portal we can hear lectures by these knowledgeable teachers a number of times. I wish that all those who are doing ultrasound take advantage of this platform to enhance their skills. It will help us improve a lot in our day-to-day work.

Dr Charu Mahorkar, India

Gynecology Academy has been a blessing to me really!
The Academy surpassed my every expectation. I just had no head knowledge about infertility management, but just experiential knowledge.
I would love to say a big thank you to the facilitators of the Academy.

Dr Olayide A. Jinadu, Nigeria

Dr. Paula Vergara, Chile
Dr. Shailaja, India
Dr. Reshma Sultana, India

“Respected Dr Lakshmi madam, Dr Uma madam and Dr Harikishan sir, thank you so much for your excellent teaching and guidance, which helped me a lot to complete this course of maternal medicine, enlighten me with the knowledge and clear the exam. 🙏🙏🙏 Sincere thanks to Dr. Mala madam for such a wonderful online course. 🙏🙏 Thanks to Pallavi and team GynAc Academy, for all the technical support and help😊 Feel blessed after learning from such wonderful teachers🙏. I can now serve my ante-natal patients with more confidence and with more appropriate protocols and guidelines. 😊"

Dr Shubhalaxmi Choudhary

It was once in a lifetime opportunity to work and learn from Master of the Field. He is a great mentor, so knowledgeable yet so humble. Had a chance to learn tricks of trade gaining skills and experience, which I look forward for application and making a difference in lives of my patients.
I express my sincere and humble gratitude for the wonderful opportunity.

Dr Deepak Kaushal, India

As a gynaecologist, I have been doing regular ultrasounds and basic guided procedures for some time. The 'Fetal Medicine and Obstetrical Ultrasound' course has helped me achieve the next level of ultrasound. I didn't hesitate when the gynae academy offered a 15 days observership at CIMAR Hospital Kochi under Dr Bijoy Balakrishnan. The observership at the CIMAR is worth every penny, but over and above that Dr Balakrishnan makes it invaluable. He teaches, guides and mentors as well. During my brief stay, I was lucky to watch many fetal invasive procedures and therapies. They also have regular webinars and a significant load of referral cases. Everyone looking for perfection should do it.

Dr Shilpa Tiwari, India

I am Dr. Anna Celinna Valenzuela, and I am an Obstetrician-Gynecologist Ultrasound Subspecialist practicing in Manila, Philippines. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to participate in this Observership on Fetal Echocardiography. The consultants (Dr. Bijoy, Dr. Meenu, and Dr. Afshana) were very competent in even the very rare diseases that can be diagnosed prenatally, and made sure that as trainees we understood everything from diagnosis to prenatal management and even postnatal care and follow-up. I enrolled in this course specifically for exposure to rare fetal diseases that I have not encountered before in my practice, and this I got in spades. They even had a collection of ultrasound images and videos of rare cases encountered in their institution, and the consultants and fellows were more than happy to discuss any case we wanted to. The weekly morning conferences were also of great help in the discussion of difficult cases encountered. As a bonus, I even got to observe special fetal procedures like Intrauterine Fetal Blood Transfusion and Intrauterine Fetal Thoracentesis. I highly recommend this course to Obstetricians, Sonologists, and Radiologists who want to enrich their knowledge and improve their competence on not just Fetal Echocardiography, but on the diagnosis and management of the rarer fetal diseases as well.

Dr Anna Celinna Valenzuela, Philippines

The Fetal Medicine and Obstetrical Ultrasound course helped me improve my ultrasound skills. Dr Bijoy and his team were ever ready to teach and guide me throughout the 15 days, starting from very basics. They developed in me an interest in Fetal Medicine. During my stay, I had a wonderful experience of observing many rare invasive Fetal Medicine procedures. Thank you CIMAR Hospital and Gynecology Academy for showing me new light in the field of Fetal Medicine. I would recommend the course to others who want to develop and improvise their ultrasound skills.
Thank you.

Dr Farhat Kazim, India

The fetal observership, under Dr. Bijoy, at CIMAR offered by gynecology academy is a wonderful opportunity to fine tune our skills in fetal medicine. The institute gets significant number of referrals for complicated fetal scans as well as has a good number of fetal interventions, that we can observe. Dr. Bijoy is always there to clear our doubts and mentor us. Overall doing the observership there is worth our time and effort. Thanks to the platform of gynecology academy for providing this opportunity.

Dr Atul Saraogi, India

I, Dr Mala M G from Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, attended the Fetal Observership course under Dr. Bijoy Balakrishnan at CIMAR Hospital, Kochi, by Gynecology Academy.
I had wonderful learning experience. I found my experience to be extremely helpful and I gained insight into the practice of fetal medicine. I am truly grateful to Dr Bijoy Balakrishnan and Dr Meenu Batra.
Thanks to CIMAR and Gynecology Academy.

Dr Mala M G, India

I, Dr Harikrishna, radiologist from Proddatur, Andhra Pradesh, practicing since 2015, attended the Fetal Observership Course under Dr. Bijoy Balakrishnan at CIMAR Hospital, Kochi, organised by Gynecology Academy.
I had a wonderful and great learning experience. The institute gets a lot of complicated referral cases and they do invasive procedures daily. Dr Bijoy sir clears our doubts at the bed side and during tea break. Really, I gained good confidence in fetal medicine. I found my experience in CIMAR to be extremely helpful and I gained insight into the practice of fetal medicine. I am truly grateful to Dr Bijoy Balakrishnan and Dr Meenu Batra.
Thanks to CIMAR and Gynecology Academy.

Dr Matla Harikrishna, India

Dr Gitanjali Gnanavel, India

It was a very good experience to watch Dr. Mala doing a variety of gynecological scans in Manipal Hospital during my observership.
Not only did I learn practical ‘Tips & Tricks’ of gynecological scans but also about meticulous reporting & writing relevant history in reports. I have really improved a lot in my scanning technique, and I wish that beginners undergo this training.
Apart from academics, I highly appreciate Dr. Mala's humanitarian approach & humble personality. I wish her good luck.

Dr Charu Mahorkar, India

My twin sister and I had a fantastic learning experience with Dr Mala mam in Manipal Hospital, Bangalore recently.
During this short observership, we learnt a lot from her not only in respect to her scientific knowledge but also of her human ethics which made us acknowledge her as the best and most respectable professor that we have ever had.
She has a passion for teaching by nature. She teaches so generously, in a very organized manner, and she cares a lot about your learning.
We covet the young doctors working with her who have an easy, continuous access to her for such valuable learning!
Besides, we had a wonderful impression of Indian people in this period, especially the staff in the ultrasound department working with Dr Mala, who were very friendly and treated us very kindly.
We wish to come back again to repeat this great experience for a longer period.
Our best wishes to Dr Mala.
God bless her.

Dr Afsaneh Sahraeian, Iran

I am so glad and grateful about the experience with Dr Mala and her team.
Every scan I do, I remember Dr Mala and her teaching. As a guru she has given her maximum knowledge, which is so valuable in my rural practice. Each and every small thing she taught me and answered all my questions from gel sonography to tips on 3D.
Even her team was very cooperative. Everyone in the sonography department of Manipal Bangalore shared their knowledge about preparation for procedures and more.
I recommend to all those who are doing Gyn Sonography, to attend Dr Mala’s observership & training. It’s a privilege and pride to have her here in India .Thanks to Pallavi of Gynac Academy for being so cooperative in organising everything.

Dr Shamita Birmole, India

Dr Uma Chillalshetty, India
Dr Meghana Agarwal, India
Dr Jimit Patrawala, India
Dr Azjargal Batdorj, Mongolia